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Herbal Blend Guide


All of our Herbal Blends can be used as a Brewed Tea, a Yoni Steam, wholly put into bath water, or steeped first and then poured into your bath water or ritual water. Beacuse they are curated with Ritual in mind, you may also bury them or burn them if you feel called to use them differently than suggested. The use of any of our Herbal Blends, Ritual Kits, or other products is solely at your own risk. Please consult your physician to ensure you do not have any allergies or adverse reaction. Please be safe and only do what you feel is best for you. Enjoy your Herbal Blend!







Intro to Yoni Steam

Herbs and spices have been used for centuries, holistically to help easy & heal the discomforts of the human body. Your vagina & uterus are inherently self cleansing and no different than the rest of your body. But what if I told you a Yoni/Vaginal Steam is just what you need! Did you know that a Signature Taboo Tushie Steam blend is customary herbs for your specific needs and can provide you with a wide range of energetic, emotional, physical and spiritual benefits. Steaming can help Boost immunity, digestive health & Enhances fertility. Decrease’s menstrual flow, helps regulation of irregular or absent menstrual cycle. Pre/post menopause and postpartum support for irregular cramps. Helps with inflammation. Balances your vaginal pH. Increases the libido as the heat increases the body blood flow, in the vagina and the clitoris. Increase’s juiciness for sex. Deeply connect a woman with her source power, the divine feminine. It creates space, & releases. Allows you to connect spiritually with your divine center. Improves your health and overall well being. Thank you, for taking the steps to improving your life and the love for yourself and your Tushie.


All you need is 45-60 minutes, a pot or kettle to boil 10-12 cups of distilled water, a robe, skirt or blanket to drape over your lap to keep steam in.







Preparing your Space & Steam

Set the rooms mood for relaxation, using spa music, non thinking music or silence. Bless the space, call in your guides, teachers & angels. Next, take the pot or kettle to heat 10-12 cups of water to a slight boil. Set up & light your candle. Speak intentions of love & healing into the water as it’s being prepared. Take the bio hazard bag & place in your toilet or Tushie pot covering the seat you will be sitting on. Once the water comes to a boil, turn the heat off & pour in your blend of herbs. Caution: Allow to steep and cool for at least 5-10 minutes or long enough till you can hover your hand over the water 6-8 inches above the steam without getting burned. After the steam is just right, pour it into the bio hazard bag, herbs and all. Check the waters temperature again with your hand before sitting. Now it’s time to sit over the steam. Be sure to cover up to trap the steam in to receive all the benefits. During this time you can simply enjoy the moment & peace. You can also use this time to do affirmations; to meditate; to write a list of things you want to release; to write a list of things you want to manifest. During this time it’s completely normal for your body to release, just allow it. Once 20-30 minutes have past, you can choose to steam longer or get up and wipe up. Lastly, take the biohazard bag out the toilet, gather the top and tie into a knot for disposal in the trash bin.

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