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In the Words of those who know her best:

Badass Lady Barber

Ray of Fucking Sunshine,

Spicy, Beautiful Creature, Healing, Spunky, Creative, Authentic, Busy-Bee, Bright, Helping Hand, Happy Camper, Caring, Kind, Generous, Spiritual, Conscious, Awake, Heart of Gold, Crafty,

Adventurous, Outdoorsy, Naked Foodie,

Sassy, Hopeful Romantic, Mermaid,

Old Soul & Young Heart

For those looking for a resume style bio...

I have put in the work, have many years of experience, have the education and taken all the certifications/licenses/classes I would ever need, and most importantly broken out of the matrix to step into my authencity and bring you Taboo Tushie! If that is not enough for you, you're not my people and my website is not for you - I wish you all the very best on your journey! To the rest of you beauties...Welcome! 


Reiki, PMU, Yoni Steam

Taboo Tushie

Energetically Infused & Ritually Created

Divine Feminine Crafted Products


Our mission is to be a ‘Ray of Fucking Sunshine’ in this world by creating a space, offering services, and curating products that support an authentic life experience!


We offer supportive services to care for the Goddess you are from head to toe. Whether it is our Tushie line of Feminine Care & Ritual products, our Tattoo services of Permanent Make-up, our Touch offerings of Energetic Healing, or our Taboo line of Plant Medicine – We’re here to share our Magic to help you reconnect to your sensual side and to your Souls fullest potential!


We are here to ‘re-teach’ you about your Divine Feminine Lady Bits, ways to care for Her, and Love the skin you’re in! We are here to help raise the level of Self-Worth and the Vibration of the Feminine energy. The value that Taboo Tushie brings to the table is to show you the value and power that you’re sitting on!


We do it for the Busy-Bees, the Super-Moms, the Boss-Babes, the Yogi’s, the Teachers, and every sentient being in between! We do this for everyone who is looking for Self-Love and Ritual.


Our friendly, knowledgeable, and professional staff will help inspire, educate, and problem-solve all your needs for your Va-Jay-Jay. We give you permission to live outside of the society norms and Love Thyself, Tushie and all!


We are not medical practitioners of any kind and are not offering any medical advice. All information on this site is suggested. If problems arise, immediately stop use and contact your doctor.

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