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Matches & Salts Guide


Magic Matches

  • Pink Magic Matches intentions of leading with love and light with every strike.

  • Black Magic Matches intentions are for protection with every flame struck.

  • Violet & Gold Match adds extra Divine love and guidance to whatever the intentions are. Shinning Violet light of love towards it and Gold flames of manifestation. 

  • Cinnamon Match acts as an accelerator to whatever actions that need to happen to reach your desired outcome.  







Shots of Salt

Salt is a dissolvable crystal that comes in many colors, shapes and sizes. It is considered to be very powerful in protection with many magical uses. You might know salt for, flavoring and preserving foods through out history around the world. The words salad and salary came form the word salt, and salt has been used as a form of currency throughout ancient times. Warding off unhealthy energies and bad luck, protection from harmful energies, break hexes, and absorb negative energies. Clearing the path for positive to come in.


This shot of salt was specifically mixed as a divination tool for protection and healing. There are 5 different types of salt in the glass jar, making the perfect combination needed to get the jobs done. Dead Sea Salt, Epsom Salt, Himalayan Pink Salt, Hawaiian Black Lava Salt & Hawaiian Alaea Red Salt, all blessed and charged with intent to clean, clear, protect and heal. With this combination of salts you are sure to cover all grounds necessary. There are endless ways to use this incredible mineral for all it’s worth.


~Salt the threshold of the door ways.

~Sprinkle salt on floor throughout the space, allow to sit a bit, then sweep up.

~Salt and water in the bowl to absorb entities.

~Salt bath, neutralizing your energy field and raises vibration.

~Use to Grid Corners of the space for protection.

~Circle of Salt while performing rituals.

~Add to alter as an offering.

~Salt food to clear old energies, while adding flavor and blessings.

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